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Defining Experience Business for Nonprofit Marketing

I recently returned from Adobe Summit 2017, where I had the opportunity to serve as an Adobe Influencer. Summit featured some ground breaking developments in the Adobe digital ecosystem, from the launch of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Advertising, among others. A key theme for Adobe in 2017 is "Experience Business." Simply put, it's the convergence of design, content and data to deliver unique experiences to consumers, users, and people in general.

While at Summit, I was asked to participate in "Think Tank." Adobe hosted a series of live streams from the main conference floor, talking with thought leaders from all sectors and segments to discuss what Experience Business means to them and their stakeholders. My livestream focused on how truth® campaign saves lives by creating experiences for the youth demo (12-24), by preventing the uptake of smoking.

Between my team (digital and technology), brand, grassroots and through our parent, Truth Initiative, truth® campaign creates an environment in which young people are drawn into joining the movement to end smoking, in a non-PSA, non-shaming way. truth® epitomizes the convergence of design, content and creative to accomplish this difficult mission. We do so by producing stunning visuals (design), develop evocative storytelling and content marketing through our broadcast and digital video and display campaigns (content), while overlaying analytics, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, marketing automation, among others (data).

truth® x Adobe are leveraging Experience Business to save lives, and that is bigger than any corporate announcement made through Summit. Watch my a recording of my livestream below, and more so, let me know what you think.

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