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The Power of Influencer Marketing on Partnership Announcements

Anyone that was following #AdobeSummit last week in Las Vegas would have clued in on the number of strategic partnerships that were announced. Some of the most notable partnerships included Microsoft and Facebook. Specifically as it relates to Microsoft, Adobe’s planned integration with Azure could be huge in eCRM-to-AI data convergence.

Pre-release marketing on the part of influencers is an integral part of business promotion today. But the real impact is felt when the network of networks comes together in a unified cohesive broadcast. On March 21, 2017, Adobe and Microsoft met on stage during the keynote session in the morning to discuss the newly formed partnership. By pushing multiple second, third, etc., notifications combined with those of others created a trend on Twitter.

As reported by zoomph, the network effect generated viral buzz that consumed much of the #AdobeSummit dialog throughout the day.

The spike in social activity signifies the importance of the Adobe-Microsoft partnership and much of this success can be attributed to social media and other thought leadership influencers who had a front row seat throughout #AdobeSummit.

Read the article posted by zoomph, “How Social, #AdobeSummit Conveyed the Impact of the Adobe-Microsoft Partnership.”

*I was part of the #AdobeSummit Insider Program and I attended the conference for free but my PoV is my own.

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