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How tech and data analytics are being used to end smoking in young adults and teens

"And so, while we've always been an analysis-focused organization, we've always done metric studies, attitudinal studies and qualitative studies in-field, which really helped shape the creative and the broadcast strategy. As we've become more and more of an online player because we need to reach eyeballs where they are, it's a necessary requirement not only to have a tech staff that can support delivery, but also a staff that can help us analyze real-time data, then synthesize real-time data from multiple different sources," Favatas said.

"So, between walled gardens and unwalled gardens, between our own analytics production, which is Adobe Analytics, and our CRM, with our ad servers, DSPs such as Adobe Advertising Cloud for displaying video, or other new emerging ways that we deliver media, we realized that there was a need to have a centralized location to bring in all the data points," he said.

Read the original article by Teena Maddox on TechRepublic.

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