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2018 – A Year in Marketing: Insights from 7 Industry Experts

Have a Data-Driven and Always-On Approach

“Ten years ago, you could sit down on your couch on a Friday night and you knew exactly what you’d be watching on TV. But today, that isn’t the case. Consumers no longer channel-surf. Instead, they content-surf, and the media landscape of that content is extremely fragmented. This year, we saw daily video views on YouTube eclipse 5 billion, well over 2 billion people consume content on Facebook’s multi-app family (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger), and 188 million users consume more than 40 minutes (average per day) on Snapchat. With our always-on, data-driven, and content-first approach to saving lives, at truth, we will continue to capture people’s attention on these in-app dominated platforms in 2019.” - Dio Favatas, Truth Initiative

Read Max Hall's original post on Zoomph's blog.

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