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Dionisios Favatas of the Truth Initiative Discusses How Identity Resolution Powers Public Service Ca

Dionisios "Dio" Favatas

People-based marketing is what we live and breathe. We’re always looking for new use cases and companies to partner with in hopes of furthering a world where all marketing is one-to-one and personalized, which is why we are excited to work with Truth Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a world where young people reject smoking. Their mission is to reach young people through omnichannel marketing, and they’ve successfully done that for the last 20 years.

Learn more about the organization’s goals and the role identity resolution plays in getting its message out by reading an excerpt of our conversation with Dionisios Favatas, Managing Director of Digital for Truth Initiative, and Ben Webb, Managing Director of our data supply team.

Read Ben Webb's original post on Liveramps's blog.

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